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12:27 PM

it is the one hundred ninety-eighth day
perhaps one hundred ninety-ninth in four
twenty stopped breathing and lay
at the Isles of Sicily a day before

a woman ran through that door
thought her stomach made her sick
never knew what was in store
she felt pain, she felt weak

at twenty one, she was thunderstruck
daughter, sister, a gravid damsel
her house was twice as shock
the clan went razzle-dazzle

hours later a mini her came out
cute, bubbly, crying out loud
aikaterine grew up to be stout
pretty and nice, they are proud

aika is now half of gold
with years and trials she's honed
and best of her is yet to unfold
yet her old man she was never owned

--- aika ---

What She and She's Feeling 11:29 AM

Our head had just resigned. Her last day was yesterday. But prior to leaving, she has already assigned somebody to take over. Well the one who's about to handle us is yet on leave and she'll be back on December (as others say).

If you could remember my post on Corporate Diva, well, what I have heard is that when the announcement on who was to take over was made in a meeting, the Cooporate Diva cried in her cubicle after the end of the meeting. Tears were literally falling on her cheeks. Poor her! Maybe she was expecting that she could be a good replacement because she is higher than us. But our former boss knows better. It's not in the length or position that you are currently in but your capabilities. Our former boss even asked why was she in that position. Everybody knows but I am not telling you right now.

That's the first she.

Now, the second she. Since the new replacement is still on leave, our former boss assigned an OIC. This "she was absent on the meeting when the announcement was made. I am not the usual who observes and analyze actions even if they are really small. I am an observer but not that really good. I am good only at loud and obvious ways of people. One time, my colleague told me that she feels that one of us is jealous over the appointed OIC. She told me who she think that was. I was like, "Really?". Well, I did not see it like that, though I wonder how'd she feel being the most senior. It was just the other day that OIC thinks and feels that the senior has that "something". According to her, she's not the usual. It's a mild jealousy, if I may put it. I am saying this because I think everybody was happy with the one chosen and the OIC. Turns out, there is somebody hurting deep within.

Oh dear! Oh life. This is reality. I love it. Hahahaha!

Feeling Unimportant 11:22 AM

Have you been feeling or was in a situation when you thought that people cared so much and about you but then you felt that you have been left out or unimportant?

Call me paranoid, but that's how I am feeling right now --- or since elementary days. Why?

Let's start with my cousin. She is my first cousin. We are really close and even up to now. Sometimes, I feel that I have been left out. I have been working my butt out to help the finances of this family. And what does my cousin do? Nothing. Literally. She resigned from her previous work. Even when she had work, she did not help at anything. She did not help her mom and dad with their finances as well (loans). Her money went to her rent and food because she is living in another city because her bf was studying there.

I was thinking that when she finally resigned that she would look for another job. Well actually she did but did not pass the exams. And she did not look for another. All she is doing it tailing with her bf. All she thinks about is her bf 24/7. And now, she is the one looking out of the internet cafe of her bf. I wonder how much her bf's giving her. But all I know that it's not even half of how much I earn! Or one fourth!

The last time she had money, she just treated my other cousins. She did not even dare to give or at least show an effort that she wanted to share it with her immediate family. She is just way stupid and self-centered.

And what makes me boil? She has a room in the house (where her bf sleeps as well) and me, I sleep in the couch! In my estimate, her bf is giving like two thousand pesos a month. That is not enough! They got their own room, my grandmother cooks the food (packed lunch) for her bf and even washes their clothes! Now think. Is my cousin thinking well. My grandmother is doing what she's supposed to do. She is an imbecile, moron, idiot, and stupid ugly little bitch!

Wtf! All I can do is right this. Of course I can't say that to my family. World war 3 will happen. I hope she just wakes up someday. And hit bigtime. And I wish she will have the courage to say sorry.

I do not want to go further. I just do not like her right now.

Corporate Diva 9:31 AM

I am working on certain company. One of our heads, if I may put it this way, is dumb. Not because she is really dumb like she is illiterate, dumb because she does not know how to handle production and people. All she knows are status and reports. And those reports and status come from her subordinates and she does not even edit the said report. I sometimes feel that she does not undestand the said report and all she does is send it directly to the higher people.

Another case is how she treats her people. My goodness! She is the most immature head that I have known. Imagine, if she's not in the mood, all her emotions is being passed to us. And if there problems with clients/contacts, all she does is immediately reprimand us without hearing our side. She is a one sided-person and I hate her professionally (and maybe personally).

She does not deserve her position right now. Totally does not! Rumor has it that she was flirting with trainer that handled them and that trainer made a recommendation for the higher position. What a slut! And I am not done. Most people confirmed that she had affair with one of her staff. Take note, she's married and she's having an affair! I saw them once. Just around the city, the guy was driving the motorcycle and the girl was the back rider. And you can really tell that there is something fishy going on. But as of this writing, they have broken up ages ago and she even managed transfer the guy to another project. Yes, she did. She's the head.

I am just really happy that we are no longer under her. Yahoo!

My Dream Guy 7:10 AM

Ok. If you have read my post on He Loves Me Not, here's a follow-up on to that.

Well, no we haven't hooked up yet. ^sigh^ :(

I just had a dream of him last night. He was holding my hands. It felt soooooo real!! OMG! OMG! OMG! It gave me shivers (super kilig ako!).

Yeah, yeah, I know it was a dream. But this the closest thing I can get. So let me internalize and savor the moment.


On Officemates 6:52 AM

When you are working, my aunt always tells me that you need to get along with your officemates. But I have to admit, there are times that you feel the other way towards to your officemates. There are, really, those times that you wish to fight back or just yell at but it's, of course, unethical.

You and your officemates have different views, different behavior, and attitude. And working with people that you are not comfortable with or you just don't like is hard to bear. You turn to be an authentice orocan. PLASTIC!

Honestly, there are only a few people that I like in the place that I work in. In fact, with the people I like, it's not all the time that we get along and I feel at times that its too much.

One colleague of mine, loves name dropping just to clear herself. She loves to wash her hands clean. But the fact is, she is overly involve when she name-drop or when she washes her hand.

Another one is a monster OA. But we get along than the rest. One is big gossiper.

Then there's one that is overly sensitive. I mean really senisitive, that is no longer in place sometimes.

There are a couple of them belonging to the haters club. I used haters for the lack of a better term. Another two is just super talkative. One silent but I think dangerous. One I would call a "balimbing". And one, just a worklaholic. Doing overtime watching videos or chatting with foreigners.

Gosh! I can go on with this. There will be a part two in this one, definitely.

I am not saying that I am perfect. I know that some of them doesn't like me that much. But what can I do, this is my blog and I will write how I feel with all honesty.

He Loves Me NOT 11:42 PM

the following has been posted at one of my blogs which i closed. this is my love story :(

I guess I am not the only who have been and is still in this kind of situation. I'm in love! It's nice to be in love. It's such a wonderful feeling to see the man you love. Your heart beats fast as he came near. Your knees tremble when he's in front of you. You feel speechless sometimes and you fumble with words during your conversations. Yes, that is exactly how I feel right now.

We've known each other since first year high school and we became close since then. So close that we even have a "term of endearment". Not the sweet sweet terms though. He calls me his little sis and I call him my big bro. Cute, right?

We were in the same high school and in the same section. We were in the same university and same college. And now we work on the same company. Isn't it fate or what! But no. A big NO.

He has girlfriend and they've been together for about 4 years or so. And me, his little sis since fist year high school and that's about 12 years. But that's it. We are just friends. I wasn't in love with him since high school. I probably felt this way when I was in my last year in college. I think it was the time when he broke up with his first girlfriend.

It do hurts. But I have to live with that. I haven't gotten over it, by the way. Us, together, would only live in my dreams and fantasies. Nobody knows what I feel for him. No, not one.

I am not a hypocrite and I won't deny that I did pray that someday he sees pass through me as more that just friends. Honestly, I did wish that they separate. Am, I that bad? Maybe, but that's reality.

Until now, I still feel that way. How do I handle this? Pretend and pretend especially when he's around. It's hard, but I will never tell him how I feel nor will I say this to my trusted friends and relatives. It will always remain in me.

To my dear big bro, I just hope, pray, and wish that you'd see me more than your little sis.


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