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On Officemates 6:52 AM

When you are working, my aunt always tells me that you need to get along with your officemates. But I have to admit, there are times that you feel the other way towards to your officemates. There are, really, those times that you wish to fight back or just yell at but it's, of course, unethical.

You and your officemates have different views, different behavior, and attitude. And working with people that you are not comfortable with or you just don't like is hard to bear. You turn to be an authentice orocan. PLASTIC!

Honestly, there are only a few people that I like in the place that I work in. In fact, with the people I like, it's not all the time that we get along and I feel at times that its too much.

One colleague of mine, loves name dropping just to clear herself. She loves to wash her hands clean. But the fact is, she is overly involve when she name-drop or when she washes her hand.

Another one is a monster OA. But we get along than the rest. One is big gossiper.

Then there's one that is overly sensitive. I mean really senisitive, that is no longer in place sometimes.

There are a couple of them belonging to the haters club. I used haters for the lack of a better term. Another two is just super talkative. One silent but I think dangerous. One I would call a "balimbing". And one, just a worklaholic. Doing overtime watching videos or chatting with foreigners.

Gosh! I can go on with this. There will be a part two in this one, definitely.

I am not saying that I am perfect. I know that some of them doesn't like me that much. But what can I do, this is my blog and I will write how I feel with all honesty.