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Corporate Diva 9:31 AM

I am working on certain company. One of our heads, if I may put it this way, is dumb. Not because she is really dumb like she is illiterate, dumb because she does not know how to handle production and people. All she knows are status and reports. And those reports and status come from her subordinates and she does not even edit the said report. I sometimes feel that she does not undestand the said report and all she does is send it directly to the higher people.

Another case is how she treats her people. My goodness! She is the most immature head that I have known. Imagine, if she's not in the mood, all her emotions is being passed to us. And if there problems with clients/contacts, all she does is immediately reprimand us without hearing our side. She is a one sided-person and I hate her professionally (and maybe personally).

She does not deserve her position right now. Totally does not! Rumor has it that she was flirting with trainer that handled them and that trainer made a recommendation for the higher position. What a slut! And I am not done. Most people confirmed that she had affair with one of her staff. Take note, she's married and she's having an affair! I saw them once. Just around the city, the guy was driving the motorcycle and the girl was the back rider. And you can really tell that there is something fishy going on. But as of this writing, they have broken up ages ago and she even managed transfer the guy to another project. Yes, she did. She's the head.

I am just really happy that we are no longer under her. Yahoo!