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What She and She's Feeling 11:29 AM

Our head had just resigned. Her last day was yesterday. But prior to leaving, she has already assigned somebody to take over. Well the one who's about to handle us is yet on leave and she'll be back on December (as others say).

If you could remember my post on Corporate Diva, well, what I have heard is that when the announcement on who was to take over was made in a meeting, the Cooporate Diva cried in her cubicle after the end of the meeting. Tears were literally falling on her cheeks. Poor her! Maybe she was expecting that she could be a good replacement because she is higher than us. But our former boss knows better. It's not in the length or position that you are currently in but your capabilities. Our former boss even asked why was she in that position. Everybody knows but I am not telling you right now.

That's the first she.

Now, the second she. Since the new replacement is still on leave, our former boss assigned an OIC. This "she was absent on the meeting when the announcement was made. I am not the usual who observes and analyze actions even if they are really small. I am an observer but not that really good. I am good only at loud and obvious ways of people. One time, my colleague told me that she feels that one of us is jealous over the appointed OIC. She told me who she think that was. I was like, "Really?". Well, I did not see it like that, though I wonder how'd she feel being the most senior. It was just the other day that OIC thinks and feels that the senior has that "something". According to her, she's not the usual. It's a mild jealousy, if I may put it. I am saying this because I think everybody was happy with the one chosen and the OIC. Turns out, there is somebody hurting deep within.

Oh dear! Oh life. This is reality. I love it. Hahahaha!